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List prices on selected items will increase from 1st February 2018.
Details of the suppliers and items affected can be found in the price lists below.

Panel Division
Machine & Safety Division
Pressure & Flow Division
For Motors Division prices, please contact us directly.

Baco PR One
Contaclip SDK Feed-through terminals
Crouzet em4 Ethernet
Crydom SS relays & contactors
Datalogic sensors, safety & identification
Delcon EX relays
Delcon interface relays
Doga DC motors
Ensto enclosures
Mellor AC/DC motors
mPm/Brad industrial connector guide
Panasonic 3-series geared motors
Puls selection guide
Rotek product catalogue
Rotek ROMOTION product catalogue
Suco pressure monitoring
Suco medical flyer
Suco agricultural flyer
Suco construction flyer
Takex photosensors
Valco level, control & monitoring

Price Lists:
General Price List October 2016
Auer 2016
Cal Controls 2017
Contaclip 2017
Crouzet 2017
Crydom/Crouzet SSR 2016
Ensto 2016
Legrand Wiring 2016
Legrand Ind & Power Protection 2016
Lumel 2017
Lumel CT's 2014
PMA Controller 2017
Puls 2014
SPS 2017
West Controller 2017

OEM Company Profile
Inside Automation Issue 1, 2016
Inside Automation Issue 2, 2016
Inside Automation Issue 3, 2016

Inside Automation Issue 1, 2017
Inside Automation Issue 2, 2017
Inside Automation Issue 3, 2017

Panel Components Catalogue

Sensors Catalogue

Pressure & Flow Catalogue

Motors, Drives & Linear