Auer PC7 range of signal towers varying heights, including sounders

AUER the new PC7 range

The new PC7 range from Auer is one of the tallest signal towers. Seven positions are available with the use of patented contacting and due to the eight inner contacts the system delivers various combinations.

Numerous PC7 LED modules not only provide a higher level of brightness, but also new functions including the imitation of a rotating light module and the new top domed modules.

Auer have now included a multi - coloured LED module which can be selected and switched externally and is capable of providing seven different colours. With the use of binary switching, four extra modules can be additionally used in the tower.

The added inline tone sounder has an adjustable volume of up to 105 dB making it one of the loudest signalling towers on the market. Using DIP switches, it has the ability to select one of eight tones.

Each individual module gives the option of using a diffusor without altering the signalling effect, choosing between a clear or a diffused signal appearance allowing the PC7 signal tower to suit the necessary requirements.

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