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Lumel - S4AO analogue output converter - 4 channel

  • Conversion of RS-485 MODBUS data into standard analogue signals
  • Two independent communication ports
  • Possibility to work as Master/Slave
  • Master Modbus function dedicated to read out data from RS-485 devices
  • Slave Modbus function to set the signal on analog outputs

Product description

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Lumel S4AO analogue output converter

  • The output signals are divided into 2 sets of 2 outputs, which are isolated from one another.
  • RS-485 and USB ports are isolated from output signals and the supply. 
  • The module setting can be easily done through USB or one of the RS-485 interfaces using the free e-Con program.
  • The main advantages which distinguish our product from other products of the same kind
  • Possibility to connect a number modules through RS485 in order to increase the number of analog outputs.
  • 2 independent RS-485 ports with Modbus protocol (possibility to work as Master/Slave).
  • Master Modbus function dedicated to read out data from other RS-485 devices and to scale analog value.
  • Slave Modbus function to set the signal on analog outputs.
  • Output work time counter for values above and below a certain threshold.
  • The module can be programmed through USB without the need to connect the power supply.
  • The module has modular design and is dedicated to be mounted on the S-type rail acc. to EN 62208 ( module’s width is equal to 3 standard modules). It is perfect to be mounted  in a switchboard cabinets.


Lumel analogue output converter

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Lumel analogue output converter
Lumel analogue output converter

S4AO, RS-485 convertor, 4x 0-20mA Ouputs,85-253V ac, 90-300V dc Supply

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations

  • S4AO connection diagram

    S4AO connection diagram

  • S4AO example of application

    S4AO example of application

  • Ordering code

    Ordering code


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