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USB Programmer, PD14

  • USB programmer for any Lumel device with MODBUS
  • Use with Lumel LPCon software

Product description

The PD14 programmer is destined to connect Lumel S.A. products to a PC computer in order to program settings by means of the PD11 program (transducers of P11 and P12 series) and the LPCon program (N20, N20Z meters, P20 transducer, SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5 modules and others).
The PD11 software enables:
– work parameter change of the transducer P11 or P12,
– write, readout of set parameters in the transducer to a file of any optional name,
– two work modes of the program:
• programming mode (edition mode connected with the simultaneous write of being changed parameters to the transducer),
• edition mode (edition of transducer parameters with the possibility of their printing, readout or write to the file),
– readout of process parameters from the transducer (minimum, maximum, measured values, a.s.l.), calculated and registered parameters
(only P12),
– erasure of minimal and maximal values,
– password protection of the access to transducer parameters,
– automatic memorization of the program configuration at its closure,
The PD11 program works in 2000/NT/XP systems.

The LPCon program enables:
– choice of the device for programming,
– readout and write of parameters from all or selected devices,
– readout and write of all parameters to the file,
– configuration of any optional device with MODBUS protocol, defined in the script in the textual file (an exemplary script is added to the program).
The LPCon program works in the Windows XP system.
The LPCon program is updated together with the expansion of the Lumel’s offer. Updatings of the software are accessible in our page under the address: http://www.lumel.com.pl/pl/download/tools_ programming

Technical data

Galvanical isolation

2500 V d.c.

Rated operation conditions:

supply voltage

collected from the device and the USB port

ambient temperature


storage temperature

0... 70ºC

relative air humidity

< 95%
(inadmissible condensation)

Ensured protection level

IP 20


43 x 51 mm

Electromagnetic compatibility:

immunity against electromagnetic interference

acc. to EN 61000-6-2

emission of electromagnetic interference

acc. to EN 61000-6-4

Installation of port com controllers in the computer
The PD14 programmer takes advantage of FTDIBUS Driver and FTDIPORT Driver controllers, licensed by Future Technology Devices International Ltd company.
This software creates a new device in the system, the programmer of PD14 type with the Port(Com) - USB Serial Port assigned to it. The installation of the controller in the Windows system causes the addition of a successive serial port COM to the list of ports serviced by the operation system.



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PD14 USB programmer & cable




Lumel PD14 usb programmer



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