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Data Logger With Web Server, SM61

  • Visualisation of live and archived data
  • Read up to 2500 values from slave devices
  • Built-in FTP and web servers
  • Alarms or binary inputs for control of archiving

Product description

  • Visualisation of current and archived data according to customer configuration (synoptic maps, charts, tables) by any web browser.
  • Readout up to 2500 values from slave devices (up to 100 devices, each 25 registers).
  • User-friendly application for data configuration.
  • 1 GB Flash memory.    
  • Built-in FTP and web servers.
  • Alarms or binary inputs for control of archiving.
  • RTC (real time clock).
  • Possibility of simultaneously work by many users.
  • User’s access control by a password.

Technical data





Modbus RTU x2


up to 100 channels, 10 groups, 10 registers in each

Memory capacity:


308000 records

Memory card:

Up to 4GB (512 mb 34 560 000 records)




2 x relays, NO contacts, 250 V ac/0.5 A ac 


2 x relays, CO contacts, 250 V ac/0.5 A ac – optional


Current programmable 0/4…20 mA – optional


Voltage programmable 0…10 V – optional

OC output:

OC type, passive, npm, 30 V dc/30 mA – optional 

Digital interface:


MODBUS RTU Master/Slave


96 x 48 x 93mm

Protection level:

IP65 front

Supply voltage:

85…253 V ac; 90…320 V dc, 20…40 V ac, 20…60 V dc 


Application example


Sample system


How to use it?

  1. Write the IP address in your web browser: IP:
  2. Choose the language: Polish or English
  3. Log in: Username: Test
  4. Choose the way of data presentation:
    synoptic map
  5. Choose one of two maps
    Process 1 - measurement of temperature and power network parameters
    Process 2 - measurement and control of temperature
  6. Use SET button to accept the chosen map
  7. Set the refreshing time


You're done. Now you can see the results of measurements on-line






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SM61 Data Logger, 85-253V ac, 90-300V dc,2 Relays


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