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Electromen - EM-174

DC motor 2Q drive 12-24 V dc, 8 A

  • 12-24Vdc, 8A continuous, 12A peak
  • Speed and direction control
  • Adjustable start ramp and current limit
  • Compact, DIN rail mountable
  • Symmetrical control ±5V (rev-stop-fwd)

Product description

EM-174A motor driver is designed for DC-motor speed control. The unit regulates motor voltage so

non regulated supply voltage is well suited. A load affecting the motor rpm can be compensated with

an adjustble load compensation ( RxI ). Potentiometer or direct voltage signal can be used to give

the speed control value. Rotation direction changes when control value turns negative or if control

signal is applied to direction input. The unit has reference positive and negative signal for

potentiometer use, in other words potentiometer can also be used to drive both directions, motor

stops at potentiometer middle position. Set value range can be scaled with range trim.

At direction change the controller waits for motor to stop before driving in opposite direction. This

avoids current peaks at direction change. The current limit can be set with a trim or direct voltage

signal to protect the motor and mechanics in jam situations. Startup speed can be limited with so

called ramp, which slowly rises the motor voltage in a desired way. Ramp time is set with a trim.

EM-174A can be optimised for 12 or 24 V supply use.



• Bidirectional

• No brake

• Controlled direction change

• ± 10 V or 0...10 V control

• Soft start ramp

• Adjustable current limit

• Load compensation

• High efficiency

• High peak loading

• Rail base fittable


DC motor 2Q drive 12-24 V dc, 8 A

Technical data

Analogue input +/-0-5V or +/-0-10V or 0-5V or 0-10V
Compatible motor technology DC
Control type Speed, Direction, Torque, Soft start / stop
Current setting range 0-12 A
Dimensions length x width x height 72x65x30mm mm
Logic input high >4V = ON
Logic input low <1V = OFF
Max continuous current 8 A
Mounting DIN rail
Operating temperature -20°C...+70°C
Peak current 12 A
PWM frequency 25kHz
Supply voltage 12 V DC, 24 V DC
Weight 80 g
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