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Pressure and Flow Pressure and Flow

0570 electronic switch from Suco

The 0570 electronic switch from SUCO has many benefits for any engineer needing a quick and clear display to confirm the correct functioning of processes in their plant.  Ideal i critical or rapid switching applications due to its life expectancy of 5,000,000 switching cycles compared to 1,000,000 cylces with a standard mechanical switch.

Being menu controlled it is very simple to program with functions including 2 switching outputs and 1 analogue output.

Numerous programming features such as switching time delay, zero point reset, peak value memory and switching point counter enable efficiency and speed during installation.

The current pressure value is shown on the 3-digit display and switching state above.

Ideal for a number of applications such as water treatment, compactors, balers, lubricating systems, hydraulic power packs, industrial process lines and test equipment.

  • Anodised aluminium and die cast zinc
  • Ceramic measuring cell in thick film technology
  • Supply voltage 12...30Vdc
  • Overpressure protection to 20/150/600 bar
  • Programmable using keypad on front
  • Switching time delay (setting from 0 to 3s)
  • High switching currents up to 1.4A
  • Pin protection possible to prevent misuse
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