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Panasonic energy saving

Does a 20% energy saving sound interesting?

Through advance control technology and a split core motor structre, the GV series of brushless motors from Panasonic offer approximately 20% savings in power consumption against induction motors with an inverter drive of the same output power.

Featuring full control and smooth torque over a speed range of 30 to 4000rpm they are suited to many applications where efficiency and performance are key requirements.

  • Directly interchangeable with common square frame induction motors
  • 3 models: 50w, 90w, 130w
  • 150% of rated torque available at start up
  • Use the same gearbox as the Panasonic 3 series
  • IP65
  • Panel mounted external drive
  • GP version available with 4 repeatable positions
  • Typical application:  conveyors, food processing, textiles, labelling, packaging


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