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We pride ourselves on providing smart solutions to sensing and position control applications. Photosensors, encoders, barcode readers, vision cameras, connections and a comprehensive range of machine safety products form the heart of our product offering.



Rechner capacitive sensors with a hemispherical active sensing area already have big application benefits for the user, but now they are available with Bluetooth.

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IDEM's extensive range of Solenoid Locking Tongue Safety Switches have been designed to provide robust position interlock detection for moving guards and provide a lock mechanism to keep the guard closed until the hazard has been removed.

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OEM Automatic Ltd is Datalogic's UK distributor for sensors and safety products.

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Datalogic’s Matrix 120™ is the smallest ultra compact industrial 2D imager on the market (23mm x 31mm x 45mm), along with small dimensions it also offers the flexibility of embedded Ethernet/Serial or USB/Serial connectivity.

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