Safety lock on guard!


IDEM's extensive range of Solenoid Locking Tongue Safety Switches have been designed to provide robust position interlock detection for moving guards and provide a lock mechanism to keep the guard closed until the hazard has been removed.

They are tongue operated and have been designed and manufactured in the UK to fit to the leading edge of sliding or hinged machine guards to provide positively operated switching contacts and provide a tamper resistant key mechanism.

• Plastic or Rugged Die-Cast IP67, or IP69K Stainless Steel housing options
• Rotating head giving 8 possible Actuator entry points
• Connects to most safety relays to give up to PLe / Cat 4
• Holding force up to 2000N
• LED Status Indication
• Push Button request & Rear Manual Release versions
• RFID Version for extra security
• Gate Bolt Lock accessory
• 2x Independent contact blocks to individually monitor the lock/door status

Machine and Safety
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