Alongside their single and three phase high powered motors, Tecnotion, the linear motor specialist, offers a selection of both iron core and ironless motors for low voltage purposes.

Iron core linear motor with low voltage Z winding
The TM3z and TM6z have been customized for use at 48Vac.

• Up to 5m a second speed @ 48V
• A continuous force of 60N to 120N
• Peak force of 105N to 210N
• Low attraction force between the coil unit and magnet plate
• Very small footprint for applications with little space available

Ironless linear motors (UC and UF series)
UC and UF series ironless linear motors operate standard at 60Vdc.

• Four motors available from 10N to 39N continuous forces
• Up to 85N peak force
• Compact dimensions (51 to 53mm width and 16mm height)
• Zero cogging for pinpoint repeatable accuracy

Through our partnership with Technosoft Motion Technology, who develop and manufacture intelligent DSP drives, OEM Automatic bring a perfectly matched low voltage option into machine design and build.

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