Warehouse investment!


Due to rapid and sustained growth our 1000m2 warehouse facility in Whetstone was running close to capacity.  Holding 7,000 stock lines and picking over 50,000 lines per year was becoming a challenge.  Towards the end of 2012 we took the decision to invest in this area of our business by increasing the capacity and creating a modern, more efficient logistics facility.

At the centre of the investment are four 'state of the art' vertical storage lifts.  The lifts have a floor footprint of only 12m2 each but amazingly provide us with 755m2 of shelf storage space.

The storage lifts increase efficiency, accuracy and provide extra capacity for growth.

As part of the investment we changed our pallet racking to Narrow Aisle and also installed a small area of hand picking shelves.  This enabled us to improve the workflow and create space to develop other areas of our warehouse process.

Additionally we created five purpose built workshops where we carry out the work on our added value projects.  This element of our business has increased considerably in recent years and we recognised the need to invest and improve.

This has been a major investment for us and involved a total rethink and redesign of our logistics function.  We are very proud of what we have achieved and in the process have created a better working environment for our employees.

We can now focus on improving our efficiency and already high service levels.

Adam Lever-Parkin
Warehouse Manager